Scubaman's Quest

You are Scubaman, armed with your trusty stun-gun. Your mission is to collect rare marine creatures and recover lost treasures from the bottom of the sea. Your enemies include killer whales, sharks, giant turtles, electric eels, hostile diverse and plenty of angry mutant creatures.

Features VGA scrolling graphics, music, sound FX and Ten thrilling underwater action adventures:
  1. find the golden gates
  2. explore the dark cave
  3. face deadly jelly fish
  4. discover the ship-wreck
  5. survive a shark attack
  6. fight with the gate keepers
  7. uncover the secrets of Poseidonia
  8. find lost treasures
  9. escape from marine creatures
  10. and finally find your way back.
Requires: 386 or higher and VGA graphics.
Options: Joystick and SoundBlaster compatible card.

Download the Free Scubaman's Quest demo.

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